* The Main - Cemetery Hamburg Ohlsdorf *
A short introduction

The main cemetery in Hamburg Ohlsdorf ( Northern Germany ) -
located in the midst of the heart of the City of Hamburg - calls itself

" The biggest Park-Cemetery in the World "

           A photo of the administration building,       
       which is situated near the main entrance !      

Photo of the administration building near the cemetery's main entrance.

( For the moment this is a photo of an historical tower on a bridge
where the underground rail crosses one of Hamburg's streets -
photo occasionally taken on a day with extremely good weather ).

On an area of about 400 hectare ( that corresponds to 4.000.000 square meters )
extends a sweeping ground, where park-like landscapes alternate
with extensive burial places of every category.

The whole area contains circa 800 sculptures like angels, mourning women, etc.,
approxymately 12 chapels for funeral ceremonies,
a few mausoleums and several anonymous urn sepulchres,
combined graves for different occupational groups like policemen, firemen, etc.
As well as a very extensive area for victims of war and tyranny.

       I hope to be able to present a map fairly soon.       
       I have to negotiate with the administration       
       of the cemetery first, concerning the copyrights !       
In order to give you an impression of the enormous size of this area, you can find the cemetary's map on the left hand site, as it is obtainable at the cemetery's administration.

A click on the illustration shows an enlargement of it.

You can download a very huge enlargement of the map by clicking H e r e with the right key of your mouse and chosing the option ' save as ... ' !

My photos come nearly exclusive from the lower ( the eastern ) part of the cemetery, which contains the most sculptures.

The cemetery is passable by car in nearly all sections, and - as it becomes obvious from the enlarged version of the map, there are as well two public urban busses of the City of Hamburg, that drive through the cemetery during the day's hours.

Several prominent celebrated public characters
found their last resting-place on the cemetery of Ohlsdorf :

For example :

Philipp Otto Runge, a German painter of the romanticism,

Wolfgang Borchert, a young writer of the time after the second world war,
who had to die much too early
as a result of having to fight under degrading circumstances,

the most popular German actor and comedian Heinz Erhardt

as well as the well known actors and artistic directors
of different German theatres Gustav Gründgens and Ida Ehre.

Subsequently some interesting facts - taken from the cemetary's prospectus :

  • 17 km public roads
    are leading through the cemetery
  • 12 cemetery - chapels
  •   3 celebration - halls
  • 300 employees
  • more than 320.000 graves
  • 7.000 burials per annum
  • more than 1.4 Mio. burials
    since the foundation of the cemetery

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